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And Toto too

The Playground at The Work|Space at the Laundry on Lawrence, November 7-22, 2014

And Toto too Theatre Company

Our 2014 Season

Season 9:

The Playground

with works by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill, Leslie C. Lewis, Nina Alice Miller, Carrie Printz and Nicolette Vajtay

Directed by Susan Lyles and Nicolette Vajtay

Starring Kathi Baerns, Devra Keyes, Stephen R. Kramer, Susan Lyles, Camden Lyles-Smith, Lauren Cora Marsh, Kevin Richard McGuire and Dylan Rush

November 7-22, 2014

7:30 pm curtain

The Work|Space at the Laundry on Lawrence


A day in the life of a playground: a rich tapestry of everyday heroes, thwarted dreamers, overzealous sports fans, undaunted angels, entangled lovers, and gregarious entrepreneurs. From dawn to dusk, people move through this familiar location and experience uncommon change that is funny, sad, and moving - if only one could sit still long enough to see it. Some of Denver’s premiere women playwrights, Rebecca Gorman O’Neill, Leslie C. Lewis, Nina Alice Miller, Carrie Printz, and Nicolette Vajtay have woven together five of those stories, taking place over a 24 hour period, with a park bench view just for you, in The Playground."

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