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Ways that you can donate:

  • Click on the link below
  • Send a check to the PO Box 17163 Denver, CO 80217
  • Call 720-280-7058 and donate over the phone
  • The news this giving season is that are homeless again. The space we have worked out of these last 3 years has been sold and will no longer house a theatre space, which makes our fundraising even more important this year as we look for our own space. Thank you so much for thinking of us and helping us to keep producing the new works of our women artists.

    Year in Review

    What an exciting year it's been for And Toto too Theatre Company. We participated in our first ever SWAN Day-the international celebration of women artists- in March. The evening featured works by local playwrights, Nina Alice Miller, Melissa Lucero McCarl, Leslie C. Lewis, Susan Hickey, Rebecca Gorman O'Neill and visual artists Tracy Hickey, Erica Sarzin-Borillo, and Debe Hultgren.

    The 4th annual Play Crawl in June saw it's attendance rise this year with the help of 10 amazing local women playwrights, dozens of volunteer actors and directors, the kids from The School of Rock House Band, the band Grumpy Panda and the generosity of the local merchants in the Tennyson Arts District in Northwest Denver

    July kept us busy with the amazing performance of Adrienne Martin-Fullwood in the one woman show Who Will Sing for Lena by Janice L. Liddell

    The Denver Post 3***

    "..Powerful..." "...Dauntless..." Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post Who Will Sing for Lena

    The Aurora Sentinel 3 ***

    "Martin-Fullwood...delivering a bold and relentless performance that oozes energy and emotional tour de force" Quincy Snowdon The Aurora Sentinel

    Who Will Sing For Lena Trailer

    Finally, we just wrapped up our production of The Playground, an evening of short plays taking place in an urban Denver park over a 24 hour period and written by local playwrights, Nina Alice Miller, Leslie C. Lewis, Rebecca Gorman O'Neill, Carrie Printz, and Nicolette Vajtay.

    The Denver Post 3 ***

    "a fertile... playground for five talented local playwrights." Lisa Kennedy The Denver Post

    We are excitedly looking forward to celebrating our 10th Anniversary in 2015. Plans include building out our own space, producing 2-3 shows, staged readings, along with SWAN Day and The Play Crawl. Take a look at some of the work we have produced over the last 10 years and join us for the next 10.

    2007 Season

    The Feast of the Flying Cow...and Other Stories of War

    Feast of the Flying Cow... Trailer

    2008 Season

    The Glider by Katherine Snodgrass

    Glider Trailer

    and a little something fun from The Glider production Glider Set Transformation

    2009 Season

    Heads by EM Lewis

    Heads Trailer

    2011 Season

    Car Talk by Lucille Lichtblau

    Car Talk Trailer

    Whacking the Turkey by Karla Jennings

    Whacking the Turkey Trailer

    2012 Season

    Naked in Encino by Wendy Kout

    Best Director (Susan Lyles) Best Actress in a Comedy(Pamela Clifton), Best Production of a Play-Comedy, Best New Play

    Naked in Encino Trailer

    2013 Season

    The Greater Good by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill

    The Greater Good Trailer

    Pardon My Dust by Anne Welsbacher

    Interview by Eden Lane:with Billie McBride (Dorothy Parker) and Paul Page(Janus) In Focus with Eden Lane

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